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Poll: Unlike Majority of Canada, Quebecers Oppose Legalization

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A recent CROP survey, conducted between May 11 and 23, suggests that 54-percent of respondents in Quebec are against legal recreational marijuana. Meanwhile, throughout the rest of Canada, 54-percent of Canadians support marijuana legalization.

In Quebec, one-third are “extremely opposed” to legalization, according to Montreal Gazette.  The survey included 1,017 Quebec residents. So far, the largest Canadian national worry is drugged driving.

Some 60-percent of survey respondents chose driving while impaired as a major concern.

Some residents of Quebec do, however, agree that legal marijuana would help reduce crime and the black market.

Quebec is closer to some of the U.S. states that have legalized marijuana. Alain Giguere of CROP says that their location to the U.S. plays a role in their perception of legalization. Another factor is an influx in advertisements reporting the dangers of marijuana mainly focusing on Canada’s younger generations.