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The Dabaratus Is Revolutionizing How People Dab

Dabaratus Bakked

The Dabaratus by Bakked is a one-click apparatus for dabbing that is quickly revolutionizing concentrates in the marijuana industry. Each click delivers a clean, consistent dose of Bakked’s high-potency marijuana oil, a concentrated distillate.

The distillate incorporates the entire cannabinoid spectrum and also reintroduces same-strain, same-batch terpenes to provide amazing flavor.

Bakked’s marijuana oil is produced from high-quality marijuana. The raw material is processed through a supercritical, closed-loop, organic CO2 extraction system that ensures a safe and pure product. Next, the oil is triple-refined with low heat to preserve the naturally occurring terpenes.

The Dabaratus makes dabbing an easy, clean and convenient process. After dabbing, consumers can simply reattach the cap to the Dabaratus and store or transport their oil anywhere.


  • Contains 1 gram of pure, high-potency marijuana distillate (up to 90% potency)
  • Heat-resistant metal tip is ideal for dabbing
  • Consistent dosing at the push of a button
  • Each Dabaratus is available as strains (indicas, sativas, hybrids)
  • The Dabaratus is also available in CBD-only varieties

Currently, Bakked’s products are only available in a few states, but soon they will be available in more.


Photos: Bakked