Monday , May 27 2024
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Report Finds Women like Marijuana Edibles More Than Men


High Yield Insights released a report showing that women are bigger fans of edibles than men. In legal markets, edibles are often the first marijuana-derived product used by new recreational users.

“To anticipate the cannabis market’s direction, companies need to understand the customer’s mindset and purchase journey,” Mike Luce of High Yield Insights told Green Market Report. “We’re finding many customers are receptive yet ill-informed or hesitant due to unsatisfactory first experiences. Customer journeys may be well-worn paths in traditional consumer packaged goods but are relatively new in cannabis. By understanding how consumers make decisions, manufacturers are better able to identify ways to improve the purchase experience and, ideally, enhance their product lines.”

Some companies are creating products specifically for a female customer base.

The study also showed that consumers increased their edibles consumption by 41% after recreational legalization.