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Records Show Marijuana Sales Hit All-Time High on 4/20

Marijuana Sales

The marijuana sales at dispensaries on April 20th, 2015, and on April 20th, 2016, show a substantial increase in sales volume. The “marijuana holiday” is more accepted now than it used to be because much of the negative stigma surrounding marijuana has subsided. 4/20 is becoming a mainstream event for many Americans.

In comparison to 2015, marijuana sales in Washington State doubled to $5.5 million on 4/20/16, Market Watch reported. Sales in Colorado have steadily grown each year since marijuana became legal for adult use. The previous single day record in Colorado was $6.1 million in sales on September 16, 2015, which was a tax-break holiday. The new record was set on April 20, 2016, for $7.3 million.

Colorado’s total sales for the month of April in 2016 totaled $117 million. On 4/20 in Washington, the sale of concentrates rose 250-percent.

Statistics show that hourly sales in Washington state on April 20th increased by 140-percent in comparison to typical daily sales. It was also shown that the 4pm hour produced the most sales.

New statistics from recent polls conducted by Quinnipiac University, show that 90-percent of Americans support medical marijuana. The same poll shows that 54-percent also support recreational legalization.