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Nevada Approves Process to Apply Online for Medical Marijuana Cards

Nevada Marijuana Card

Nevada residents wishing to obtain a medical marijuana card can now apply online. The Nevada Dispensary Association announced that patients will no longer have to mail in their application or make trips to the DMV or Division of Public and Behavioral Health.

The application method is an effort to help those with mobility issues and in remote areas to obtain the necessary credentials to use medical marijuana, reports Las Vegas Sun.

Nevada Dispensary Association executive director, Riana Durrett said, “There are still improvements that can be made, but this has been a huge effort on the part of the association and the state working tirelessly to make this happen. Everything is online now.”

This new online system will decrease approval time to about 2 days according to Riana Durrett. A temporary approval letter can be printed as soon as approvals are granted, which patients can use at Nevada dispensaries until their cards arrive.

Prior to this system being put into effect, some patients were waiting as long as three months for their medical marijuana card. A $25 application fee also had to be sent with the application before a paper application was mailed to the patient (which could take them two weeks to receive). After receiving the application in the mail, patients had to visit a doctor, receive the recommendation, and send it back to Carson City with a $75 fee. The approval time was 30 to 60 days after the completed application and background checks were performed. Approved applications were then sent back to patients to take the approval to the DMV to receive their medical marijuana card. Once the visit from the DMV was complete, it could take another 14 days to receive the card.

Senator Tick Segerblom said, “Everything takes time, and the state with its limited resources has really done a good job of putting this together in a reasonable time.”

It took 9 months for the state to get this new online platform in place.