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Poll: A Pro-Marijuana Stance Would Greatly Increase Candidates’ Votes

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The 2016 presidential election is just 5 weeks away, and a good portion of millennial voters are still undecided. Recent Quinnipiac polls show that 29-percent of likely millennial voters (ages 18-34) support Gary Johnson and 31-percent support Hillary Clinton.

Support for Hillary Clinton, the Democratic candidate, has a “millennial problem,” according to The Washington Post. Polls conducted in June show that 69-percent of millennial voters say that marijuana should be legal. This is an average between the two main political parties. Democratic millennials support marijuana legalization by 77-percent and Republican millennials support legalization by 63-percent.

Tom Agnell, of Marijuana Majority wrote, “All the data seems to indicate that endorsing marijuana legalization before Election Day would be a net gain for Hillary Clinton, one which she badly needs in order to help ensure a victory.”

Eric Levitz of New York Magazine wrote, “there’s no better cure for millennial apathy than legal marijuana.”

CBS News polled Americans in April asking whether a candidate’s stance on marijuana would sway their votes or not. Most of those that participated, 58-percent to be exact, said that it wouldn’t matter, but to 18-percent of those polled, it would make a difference on who they voted for. The same survey showed that millennials answered 28-percent of the time that a pro-marijuana candidate would get their vote.

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What’s also interesting is that those in the 35 – 44 age group also say, at least 22-percent of the time, that they would support a candidate because they are pro-marijuana. The tables are a bit different when you get to the older generations, such as those that are 55-plus. Only 6-percent of voters in that age group said they would be more likely to vote for a pro-marijuana candidate.

Hillary Clinton is supposedly taking a “wait and see” approach when it comes to marijuana. She has said that she supports medical marijuana and would consider rescheduling marijuana when more research has been completed. She also claims to agree with states implementing their own marijuana policies.