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Brass Stealth Keychain Pipe

Brass Stealth Pipe Keychain

In our search for novel pipes, we felt the all metal piece pipe was one of our favorites.

Fact is there are always occasions when stealth and convenience are a mandatory, in which case this pipe is the bomb. This tiny brass pipe has a stash holder and a large bowl that lock up nice and tight. When you want to take a hit, simply pull the key ring end until you hear the locking mechanism click. Afterward, ash it out and pull again to extend the piece pipe out to reveal the stash area and repack a new bowl. The stealth pipe securely closes, leaving no odor or clues that it’s a pipe; most people think it’s a mini flash light on a keychain.

Stay safe by staying inconspicuous. Sometimes it is better to be safe, than sorry. Get your stealth keychain pipe today, and enjoy your 4/20!

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