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8 Unique Business Ideas for Cashing in on the Green Rush

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Marijuana activists and entrepreneurs around the country are looking for creative and lucrative ways to enter the legal marijuana industry. The buzz about how much the industry will grow and how fast it has already grown has sparked a lot of interest.

Below are 8 types of marijuana businesses that may help you brainstorm and decide where to get your feet wet in the industry, reports Entrepreneur.

1. Marijuana bed and breakfasts are becoming very popular in Colorado. The average startup cost ranges between $30,000 and $40,000 and requires that you purchase a private residence for business use. Bud and Breakfast, a well-known marijuana bed and breakfast, is a 22-room establishment in Denver.

2. Puff, Pass and Paint was established in 2014 in Denver. It offers painting classes while consuming marijuana. Owner Heidi Keyes said, “My friend joked and said to me, ‘You know those wine and painting places?’ You should do that with cannabis. Classes booked up immediately and before I knew it we had a huge waiting list.”

3. Buds and Blossoms is a flower shop that uses marijuana plant trimmings as greenery in floral bouquets. Owner, Bec Koop said, “I had some leftover flowers from a floral event, and I thought, ‘If I put roses around some of the cannabis, it could work,’ and it did. It was one of those creative stoner moments that actually panned out.”

4. Pedal Bike Tours branched out to offer tours around Oregon via bicycle. The tours travel to dispensaries and head shops.

5. American Cannabis Company is a Denver-based cannabis industry consulting company. The goal is to assist marijuana business owners in regulatory compliance, setting up a retail/medical marijuana shop and overall branding/marketing/operations of marijuana businesses.

6. Blaze Lab Solutions creates unique lab testing equipment for the marijuana industry

7. Independent dispensary designers are also raking in the dough. Founded in Phoenix, Arizona by Megan Stone, The High Road Design Studio designs interiors of marijuana dispensaries.

8. Pairing marijuana with food is also becoming quite popular. Philip Wolf started Cultivating Spirits in Colorado. His business focuses on pairing marijuana strains with food for catering events. The meals are three or five course offerings.