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Nine States Are Voting on Legalizing Marijuana Today

Marijuana Elections

Today marks the biggest Election Day in history for U.S. marijuana policy reform.

Voters in five states — Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts, and Nevada — will be voting on ballot initiatives to regulate and tax marijuana for adult use; Three states — Arkansas, Florida, and North Dakota — will be voting on initiatives that allow for medical marijuana use; and Montana will be voting on an initiative to re-establish patients’ access to medical marijuana providers.

Mason Tvert from the Marijuana Policy Project stated: “The record-high number of states voting on marijuana policy this year reflects the record-high level of public support we are seeing for ending marijuana prohibition. Voters from San Diego, California to Portland, Maine agree it is time to stop punishing adults for using marijuana. An even larger majority of Americans support legal access to medical marijuana, including both major party presidential candidates. These ballot measures are all big steps forward for the marijuana policy reform movement regardless of their outcome on Election Day. They have led to an invaluable public dialogue about marijuana, the harms caused by its prohibition, and the benefits of adopting a more sensible approach. The debate is steadily shifting from whether marijuana should be ‘legalized’ to how it can best be regulated and taxed for medical and adult use.”

Learn more about the state ballot initiatives:

Recreational Marijuana Initiatives

Arizona Proposition 205 –

California Proposition 64 –

Maine Question 1 –

Massachusetts Question 4 –

Nevada Question 2 –

Medical Marijuana Initiatives

Arkansas Issue 6 –

Florida Amendment 2 –

North Dakota Measure 5 –

Montana Initiative 182 –