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Maine to Recount Recreational Marijuana Legalization Ballots

Maine officials will recount the votes cast for Question 1 before making it law. The votes supporting Question 1 only accounted for 50.27% of the total votes cast. The narrow margin warrants a recount.

The “No On 1” campaign requested the recount, according to Patch. The recount could take an additional six weeks. Governor LePage continues to oppose legal marijuana, stating that it can have deadly consequences. He has gone as far as to say that those using marijuana are likely to use heroin as well.

LePage said, “We do not need to legalize another drug that could lead to more deaths.”

Question 1 does allow for marijuana social clubs, but does not permit consumption on-site at a retail store ,and provisions are in place prohibiting sales and open consumption within specific zoning restrictions of schools, community centers, day care centers and churches.

Question 1’s approval will create thousands of new job opportunities in the state and is expected to generate millions of dollars in tax revenues.