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BrewBudz Launching Marijuana Coffee and Tea Keurig Pods

Marijuana Coffee Tea

Cannabiniers, the makers of BrewBudz, is launching THC- and CBD-infused coffee and tea pods that you can brew right in your Keurig coffee machine. The California-based company does not use oils or extracts, there’s actual marijuana flower inside the pods. Both regular and decaffeinated options will be available.

For tea drinkers, you’ll be able to choose between chamomile, green or black tea, according to KXAN NBC 4 News.  Once the coffee is done brewing, there is little to no lingering marijuana scent or taste.

BrewBudz VP Jeffry Paul said, “It’s an opportunity to bring together two different rituals in life. Drinking coffee or tea is something that’s part of your every day….There’s also a ritual for marijuana, whether it’s medicinal or recreational.”

BrewBudz pods are 100% compostable. Sales will begin in Nevada and Colorado in January 2017. An individual pod will cost around $7. Sales will expand to Arizona, California, Oregon and Washington by March 2017. Ohio also has potential to be part of the BrewBudz market.

Photo: kxan/cannabiniers