Tuesday , April 16 2024
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Mexico Might Legalize Medical Marijuana This Week

Mexico Medical Marijuana

The Mexican Senate is voting this week on an amendment to legalize medical marijuana throughout the country. Mexico has three political parties and all have agreed that reforming the law to allow for medical marijuana is ideal.

The Mexican Senate isn’t winging it though, they’ve heard from Jose Narro Robles, an industry expert, according to IBTimes.com. Robles believes that adopting this new amendment is important. The good thing for Mexico is that their president, Enrique Pena Nieto, supports medical marijuana too. He’s also a supporter of recreational use.

With California legalizing recreational marijuana, Mexico has chosen to take action as well. It’s speculated that many Mexicans are already using marijuana for medical reasons, but if the amendment passes, they’ll be able to do so without fearing prosecution.

If the amendment passes, marijuana seizures along U.S. borders are expected to decrease drastically.