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Study: It’s Harder for Kids to Buy Marijuana Than Alcohol

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Lawmakers in Washington state are learning it’s harder for kids to buy marijuana than alcohol. The state has been conducting tests of establishments that sell marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes. Some may be surprised to find out that marijuana retailers scored better than the other two.

Marijuana stores passed testing of underage sales 90% of the time, according to The Spokesman-Review. Liquor stores only passed 86% of the time. Cigarette and tobacco establishments scored lower than liquor stores.

Part of the guidelines allowing states’ rights to take precedence over federal law is meeting the U.S. Justice Department’s current set of guidelines regarding sales to minors. In Washington State, there are 462 licensed marijuana retail stores and 1,200 licensed growers/processors.

New regulations will be in place soon in Washington as edibles must have a required label saying “Not for Kids” on them by February. Pesticide testing will also begin soon.

The average price per gram of marijuana flower in Washington is $8.61 per gram. Sales in Washington State are expected to be close to the $1.3 billion in 2016.