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Canada One Step Closer to Recreational Marijuana Legalization

Canada Recreational Marijuana Use Law

An official Canadian task force panel has suggested to its government that recreational marijuana be legalized, that the government should allow individual provinces to regulate sales, and that licensing and production of recreational marijuana should be controlled at a federal level.

Legislation is expected to be introduced in early 2017, as Prime Minister Trudeau keeps his word regarding legalizing recreational marijuana, according to Reuters. Recommendations to follow similar production standards as those in place for medicinal marijuana be mirrored, or taken into consideration under new legislation. Recreational and medical marijuana growers are likely to be kept in separate markets.

Anne McLellan, task force chairperson, said, “It is our hope that the recommendations….will provide a foundation for a new system of regulatory safeguards for legal access to cannabis that aim to better protect health and to enhance public safety.”

Canada is considering a mail order system for recreational marijuana. Their medical marijuana program only allows access via mail order. Storefronts may also be permitted for recreational marijuana sales.

Provinces would likely be permitted to choose whether mail order would be the only option for accessing recreational marijuana or if storefronts would be permitted.

Photo: Reuters