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One of the Coolest Jobs in the Legal Marijuana Industry

Cannabis Coach

The legal marijuana industry is creating thousands of new jobs in the U.S., and some of those jobs are quite unique. Take Natalie Carver, for instance, who is a cannabis coach at Buds Organic in the Washington D.C. area. She helps legal home growers setup their grow spaces and teaches them the ins and outs of proper growing techniques.

Her process starts with an in-home consultation to view the space and discuss the client’s budget, according to The Washington Post. After looking at each client’s grow space and budget, she devises the best plan possible to help them.

Carver said, “That’s just the groundwork of putting in a garden.” She sees them through the process and makes routine visits. She helps her clients achieve proper nutrient levels and healthy soil to ensure a good crop is grown. If there’s a problem with a plant or a grow, she helps fix it too.

Carver makes her own “super soil” that is composted from alfalfa meal, guano, seaweed, kelp and other organic inclusions.

She said, “[We] treat this as a business, and not as a stoner hobby.”

According to Natalie Carver, a cannabis coach can make $35,000 to $42,000 annually, depending on client load and the number of home visits made annually.

She said, “It’s really such a beautiful process. [You’re] starting with a seed [and] four months later you have a smokable flower.” Growing marijuana is a science as much as it is an agricultural venture.

Carver closed her commentary with, “A lot of gardening skills are powers of observing. The goal is to make a more beautiful, more perfect plant – that’s what I strive for.”