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Nevada Athletic Commission Might Remove Marijuana From Banned Substances


On January 13, the Nevada State Athletic Commission will hold a hearing to potentially remove marijuana from its banned substances list. Marijuana is now legal in Nevada. This could have a positive impact on the way that the athletic commission’s banned substances list is structured.

Due to the passage of Question 2, cannabinoids (found in cannabis and marijuana) may be excluded from this list, according to Fox Sports. The agenda includes the words “possible exclusion” as it is not determined which way the discussion will go. Removal of marijuana from Nevada’s list may prompt the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) to look at its current regulations as it also follows the World Anti-Doping Agency’s (WADA) policies.

The USADA still tests for marijuana in competition seasons for athletes, including UFC fighters. Several athletes in Nevada have been given suspensions and big fines for testing positive for marijuana. Nick Diaz was given a 5-year ban for a positive marijuana screening, but it was ultimately reduced to 18-months.

During the hearing, a discussion will also take place regarding Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) regarding the recent changes to unified rules adopted by the MMA.

Excluding marijuana from the banned substances list here may provoke other state associations, and perhaps national sports commissions to do the same.