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New Medical Marijuana Inhaler Doses Remotely via Wi-Fi

Syqe Medical Inhaler Marijuana

The world’s most technologically advanced marijuana inhaler is being used in Israel. The first-of-its-kind device allows doctors to adjust or approve doses remotely, without patients having to go into a clinic. Caregivers are also provided an interface to access dosage amounts and frequencies.

The Syqe Inhaler Exo by Syqe Medical is mainly used in pain and cancer centers, according to Interesting Engineering. Intensive care units and a few other medical care facilities are also using it. The Exo is only for available via hospitals in Israel for now.

As Israel loosens restrictions on marijuana and becomes more receptive to medical marijuana, the 100-microgram dosing precision inhaler is a major medical marijuana advancement. The device is 3D printed and uses real-time thermal flow controllers. It measures lung activity and can connect to the internet wirelessly.

Teva and Syqe said, in a combined statement, that, “The company has completed clinical trials demonstrating the inhaler’s precision and compliance with pharmaceutical standards. In addition, the medical technology of Syqe only modifies the physical structure of the plant. Thereby enabling safe, precise and measureable delivery by inhalation.”

Syqe Medical is a startup located in Tel-Aviv.