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This Is the Real Reason Why Marijuana Makes Your Eyes Red


It’s common to notice that your eyes are red after using marijuana. There’s a perfectly logical explanation for it too – well several explanations, but we’ll go over them here. Not every strain will make your eyes red.

Blood Flow

Regardless of your consumption method, marijuana typically decreases your blood pressure. This makes the blood vessels in your body, particularly near your eyes, to dilate. The dilation allows for increased blood flow, so it makes the arteries in your eyeballs expand.

Tip: Drink plenty of water. The more hydrated your body is, the more resistant the blood vessels in your body will be to dilation.

Regular or frequent marijuana users often develop a resistance to this effect. So, in time, your eyes may stop turning red.


Some people have a slight allergy to the components of marijuana since it does contain carcinogens. Carcinogens can irritate your eyes. Smoke itself can irritate your eyes. For most, there are no other physical symptoms of an allergic reaction, so it is something that they can deal with and just don’t complain. Allergy eye drops help reduce the irritation.


Although most dispensaries use good practices when cultivating marijuana, not every grower uses an organic-only method. And you’re certainly more likely to come across marijuana grown with harsh chemicals that can also cause eye irritation when purchasing from the black market. Some states, like Oregon, even restrict the types of pesticides that can be used when growing marijuana. It’s a matter of public safety and providing the purest product possible.

Some chemicals cause marijuana to have a metallic, chemical or off-putting flavor. Sometimes you’ll be able to taste it or might develop a headache after smoking, and chemicals during the growing process may be why.


If you experience red eyes after using marijuana, keep some eye drops and a bottle of water handy. You should also wear sunglasses when you’ll be exposed to direct sunlight as it can cause further irritation of the dilated vessels in your eyes. As the marijuana’s effects wear off, so does the redness in your eyes.