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Trendsetters: Extravagant Marijuana Dinner Parties for Groups

Dinner Marijuana
In Boulder, Colorado, adults can pay $199 for a marijuana pairing style dinner. It’s like a wine pairing dinner that replaces the wine with marijuana. Guests are given a “little green bag” when they enter the establishment.

Mason Jar Event Group holds these dinners, according to USA Today. Mason Jar isn’t the only provider of marijuana-themed dinners in Colorado. Food and marijuana are a match made in heaven, and with Colorado’s marijuana industry booming, it’s a smart business for entrepreneurs to consider starting.

Kendal Norris of Mason Jar Event Group said, “I have a need to bring people together. Weed has always done that. So does food.”

All marijuana event holders must follow the strict guidelines set by the state. The marijuana products available are pre-selected and guests purchase $25 worth to consume inside the dinner venue. What makes this legal is that the dinners are held on private property, such as at a marijuana collective or home. The food served is high-end, and many of the guests are high-profile guests, as well as people from all lifestyles.

Dinner guest Kate Hawkinson said, “This is incredible. It’s not just a bunch of stoners in a basement.”

Chef Jamey Fader stated, “Events like this legitimize the reality that we all smoke pot. I love that we can have a culture where we as adults can partake, dine and drink wine without feeling like criminals.”