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Did You Know That Marijuana Originated from This Ancient Country?

Ancient China Marijuana

Around 2727 B.C., marijuana was used in China to treat major illnesses, specifically pain and nausea. But, between 2000 B.C. and 1400 B.C., marijuana floated around the Middle East and Asia. Medieval Germans and Vikings used marijuana to treat pain from childbirth, toothaches and general pain. Marijuana seeds were actually found in Viking ships that dated back to the 9th Century.

Before marijuana was introduced by Germans to Britain, it was introduced to Russia and Ukraine. It took nine centuries of traveling across South America and Africa before marijuana was introduced to North America.

So, as the 20th century began, it was finally the United States’ turn to be introduced to marijuana. Mexican immigrants, during the Mexican Revolution are credited with bringing marijuana across the U.S.’s southwestern borders.

Earliest Recorded Uses

Marijuana was commonly used to treat pain. It was also used to aid nausea, headaches, toothaches and other common illnesses. In western medicine, it was commonly suggested as alternative medicine  for anxiety. Records of marijuana being used for medicinal purposes date back, as mentioned, to around 2727 B.C. in China where the Emperor Shen Nung was considered to be the Father of Chinese Medicine.

Hemp from the cannabis plant was used for textile purposes and as a food source before the plant was used for medicinal and recreational purposes. Some native tribes and religious groups used marijuana for spiritual purposes.

Final Thoughts

Marijuana has been used by humans for centuries. It was only after Harry Anslinger started his ranting in 1930 that an actual issue with marijuana started. For centuries, cultures used marijuana with no major consequences or harm. The trouble didn’t really start until it became illegal. Doctors, for centuries before the U.S. existed, were aware of the benefits of marijuana for medicinal purposes. As society’s attitude shifts, marijuana may again be accepted.