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Vaportech Triple Quartz Reloader Kit

Vaportech Reloader Kit - Triple Quartz

The Triple Quartz Reloader Coil from Vaportech is the best way to dab with wax! Period.

The Triple Quartz Reloader’s quick-heat design heats in less than 2 seconds and lets you dab like you’re using a rig. But instead, you’re using an awesome, battery-powered, portable vaporizer pen!

The modern design is easier to use and more efficient than rigs and blowtorches. Just place your wax on the coils, push the vaporizer’s on button, and inhale. The Reloader can be used with any temperature controlled mod at 20 watts or less.

Included with the kit is a stainless steel dab tool, glass cover, and triple quartz reloader coil.
Vaportech also offers ceramic, dual ceramic, single quartz, and disc coils.

Say hello to Vaportech and goodbye to pricey rigs and blowtorches!

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