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The ‘Tesla of Cannabis’ Is Building a Massive Marijuana Greenhouse

Tantalus Labs

Tantalus Labs in British Columbia has been called the “Tesla of Cannabis,” and now the company is building a state-of-the-art marijuana cultivation greenhouse. The greenhouse is designed to give the plants dual benefits of both indoor and outdoor cultivation.

Tantalus Labs was established in 2012 with the goal of advancing how marijuana is cultivated, according to Yahoo Finance. Development of their greenhouse took two years. A team of engineers, scientists and designers all had a hand in the mix. Use of a greenhouse helps keep the cost of electricity down.

Founder of Tantalus Labs, Dan Sutton, said, “Why is it that this industry was driven indoors? The core reason was stealth. It’s a lot easier to hide plants in basements and in bunkers than to cultivate it in the light, because it is federally illegal.”

Tantalus Labs created an indoor cultivation space with the best practices of traditional agriculture in mind. Sutton said, “We take those core concepts and we iterate on them so we can provide consistency, not only in product output, but in [meeting] a pharmacological standard.”

What benefits their setup and the marijuana plants is that the air is cycled every seven minutes. This helps keep the air pure and the leaves of the plants healthy. Preventing mold is easier when proper air circulation occurs.

Tantalus Labs will also be recycling rain water to use for its irrigation system. All rainwater is filtered first, and then receives natural fertilizers before it is delivered to the plants.

Sutton also said, “Nature has done an excellent job of cultivating plants for the last billions of years. The closest we get to a natural strategy, the more effective we are.”