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Comedian Doug Benson Is Stoned in His New TV Show (Seriously!)

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Doug Benson is a well-known comedian and marijuana lover. His new TV series ‘The High Court’ has started airing on Comedy Central. On the show, Benson is a judge (like ‘Judge Judy’) handing out judgements, all while being stoned and smoking on camera.

Each episode is 20-minutes long and examines real cases from Los Angeles County, according to Esquire.

Benson said, “Now I’m one of those judges. But one of them where I hope you can laugh. People watch these shows to laugh at the people and feel better than them, or more superior. But in my case I hope we can all try to have some fun.”

He also said, “I’m not qualified at all. That’s why everyone gets the joke right away. I can’t follow complicated things like what they’re talking about, like real estate. There’s a lot of things I can’t really follow the lingo of, even if I’m not high. I’m trying to be fair and nice and keep it whimsical.”

The idea for the show came from Benson himself, and Comedy Central wasted no time picking it up.

Benson said, “It was one of the easiest pitches I’ve ever done. The pitch is just ‘It’s a court room show and I’m the judge.’ That’s the whole pitch. And that’s what we’re doing. The only difference between how we shoot the show and how Judge Judy shoots her show is that we smoke weed in the deliberation room.”

As each show starts, a quick overview of the case is given. Benson is high throughout the show, his rulings are sometimes non-traditional and unexpected. Benson can award money in some cases, which the show has budgeted for. All awards in the cases come solely from ‘The High Court’ budget.

Guests on the show are made aware that it isn’t a real court. Part of the show’s contract reads, “What our fake TV judge decides in binding and you accept whatever his decision is.”

It took some finagling with officials and such, but the necessary permits came through and the show, so far, appears to be a high success.