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5 Marijuana Myths That Have Gone up in Smoke


Marijuana has a dark cloud hanging over it. Although many Americans have recently shifted their views, there are still millions of people stigmatizing marijuana. But, do they really know why they’re against it? Not really. Many people hate it just because the federal government told them it was illegal and harmful to society.  For this reason, many falsities about marijuana have grown to become commonplace. Some of the most ridiculous are listed below.

Marijuana Users Look a Specific Way

There’s a general stereotype regarding what a “pothead” looks like. It’s a complete farce. Marijuana users don’t dress any specific way, and certainly don’t have specific haircuts. Marijuana users are attorneys, business professionals and military veterans. You can’t spot a “pothead” just by their choice of clothing or hairstyle.

Marijuana Users Are Lazy

This myth is ridiculous.  Marijuana users are active and work just as hard as anyone else.

Teenagers Using Marijuana Become Criminals

Harry Anslinger and the whole “Reefer Madness” propaganda basically started this myth. However, studies have shown that teens that use marijuana are no more likely to commit crimes than a teen who uses no substances. Marijuana does not induce criminal behavior.

Marijuana Kills Brain Cells

Contrary to popular belief, marijuana doesn’t kill brain cells. Sure, some strains of marijuana may cause your brain to be calmer, but it’s not killing any cells. In fact, marijuana use has shown to help scrub away dead brain cells in Alzheimer’s patients.

Marijuana is Addictive

Only 9-percent of marijuana users develop a “dependency.” Being dependent is not necessarily an addiction as there are really no withdrawal symptoms from marijuana.

Closing Thoughts

There are dozens of other ridiculous myths about marijuana. Most have stemmed from the media and government through the decades-long war on marijuana. But science is starting to prove the storytellers wrong.