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Canada Is Helping Columbia Grow a Marijuana Industry

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The Canadian company PharmaCielo has received permission from the Colombian government to produce marijuana within the country. After decades of resisting marijuana, Colombia’s government is shifting its attitude towards the drug. In the very near future, actual licenses will be issued to those producing marijuana in Colombia.

A 2015 law allows the cultivation of marijuana in Colombia, according to The New York Times.

Blanca Riveros is a grower and trimmer in Colombia and she has the government’s blessing to do it. Before this agreement, she was worried that the reclaiming of her village would take her source of income away. She said, in response to what would happen if her trade was gone, “How am I supposed to feed my family?”

Colombian Health Minister Alejandro Gaviria said, “Here we have an entirely new opportunity.”

Failed drug resistance efforts and attempts to swap crops led to the government needing to take a different approach. PharmaCielo will be cultivating in the state of Corinto, Colombia. Workers have a signed deal to work for PhamaCielo providing labor.

PharmaCielo head, Federico Cock-Correa, vows to pay his growers more than what they were paid during the 5-decade drug war. He said, “The peasants were forced to produce these plants.”

PharmaCielo is growing in an area that is best known for its ties to Pablo Escobar, in farmland outside of Medellin.

According to Cock-Correa, the Colombian government appeared fascinated with the idea of allowing legal medical marijuana as an option to develop an area after rebels were forced out. The law enacted in 2015 allows for the legal cultivation and processing of medical marijuana for domestic markets. It also allows for the legal exportation of medical marijuana to make creams, oils and other products.