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Dallas Cowboys’ Owner Wants NFL to End Its Marijuana Ban

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The NFL’s team owners held a private meeting in Phoenix last week, at which, Dallas Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones told the other owners that he wants the NFL to “drop its prohibition on marijuana use.”

The NFL Players Association has been trying to get the NFL to reform its marijuana policy for years, reports The Washington Post.

Jones is one of the NFL’s most powerful owners, and may have just became the most popular owner among players after his pro-marijuana remark.

The NFL has already relaxed its policy for marijuana use; In 2015, the threshold for a positive marijuana test was increased from 15 nanograms per milliliter to 35, more than doubling the amount of marijuana metabolites allowed in a player’s system, according to CBS Sports.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell appears to be open to reform. He recently said, “We sent the union last spring, several pages or lists of issues that we wanted to address. As the league and as ownership and I expect – and we put on that list drug policy as one of those issues – so we would love to engage, but I think what we’re seeing is a reason why we should all sit down and get at the table, begin negotiations so that if we want to reach a different policy on either the drug policy or any other matter, we can all begin that earlier and do it in a way that’s responsible.”

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