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Vermont Senate Approves Bill to Regulate Marijuana for Adults

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The Vermont Senate approved a bill today, April 21, that would regulate the cultivation and sale of marijuana and end penalties for personal possession and cultivation by Vermonters ages 21 and older.

The Senate-amended version of H. 167 will receive one final vote before being sent back to the House for consideration, the MPP reports.

A majority of Vermont voters are in favor of the policy changes proposed in H. 167 , according to a survey conducted by Public Policy Polling. Fifty-seven percent support allowing adults 21 and older to possess and cultivate limited amounts of marijuana, and 54% support regulating and taxing marijuana similarly to alcohol. The results are available at www.mpp.org/VTpoll.

Matt Simon, the MPP’s New England political director, stated: “Most Vermonters think marijuana should be made legal for adults, and they’re looking to lawmakers to come up with a plan. We applaud the Senate for approving a thoughtful alternative to marijuana prohibition that would account for public health and improve public safety. We would love to see the House step up and join the Senate in supporting this sensible reform. If the House isn’t willing to support the Senate’s proposal, it at least needs to support its own Judiciary Committee’s plan and pass H. 170.”

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