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Guam Lawmakers’ Incompetence Delays Medical Marijuana Launch

Guam Medical Marijuana Law

Guam’s lawmakers are delaying the implementation of its recently approved medical marijuana program to allow time to clarify the new law.

Cultivators want to get the application process started, but the system isn’t ready for them yet, according to Guam Pacific Daily News. In December, lawmakers officially approved the implementation of its medical marijuana program. The setbacks, according to James Gillan of the Department of Public Health and Social Services, are merely bureaucratic at this point.

Gillan said, “The problem with this law is that it really is probably the most illogical piece of legislation I’ve ever read. One part of the law says we have to start accepting applications and another part says we need to have regulations in place. You can’t have both at the same time.”

The hold up is the creation of regulations. It was mandated when the program was officially implemented that applications for marijuana businesses were to start being accepted within 30 days. Due to a lag in response from members of the required panel, delays continue.

A laboratory to test products hasn’t been approved yet either, so that too is causing delays.

Gillan said, “There really can’t be anyone who is really seriously thinking about (business licenses) until there is a certified laboratory. People have inquired about this, but no one has applied for it yet because there is no rules and regulations. I am in complete support of marijuana as medicine. But I want to do it in a way where we don’t have lawsuits in place.”

Recent developments, due to a veto from Governor Calvo, took away medical marijuana patients’ rights to grow marijuana at home.

Gillan and other officials hope to start making progress on rules and regulations by mid-May.