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Landlords Offer Rooms Via Airbnb for Marijuana-Consuming Tourists

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Marijuana lounges continue to face scrutiny in Oregon, so Portlander John Mealy decided to list two rooms in his home on Airbnb for marijuana-consuming tourists. He is one of about 2-dozen rentals offering marijuana-friendly bookings.

Not everyone is aware that Oregon’s bill (SB 307) to allow marijuana consumption lounges died in the legislature, according to Willamette Week. The current law allows those over age 21 to use recreational marijuana at home or on private property. Public consumption is not permitted.

Mealy said, “People come from all over – Nepal, Romania, Australia. If they have pot, they can smoke it anywhere in the house they want.”

Sean Wilson of Ascend said, “We have a lot of people come in thinking Portland is like Amsterdam. They think they can just go to a coffee shop and smoke, and we have to tell them no, that’s not the case.”

Some were surprised when SB 307 died in legislation. Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler and the City Commissioner Chloe Eudaly supported the bill. They wrote a letter to lawmakers that read, in part: “The city appreciates the need to balance the business interests of the cannabis industry, the needs of cannabis consumers, and the safety and livability issues that affect Oregonians and Oregon’s visitors and the city of Portland believes that balance is appropriately struck with SB 307.”

Law enforcement officials aren’t very strict with enforcing the no public consumption portion of the law, openly admitted. Tourists caught smoking marijuana in public rarely get a ticket.

Sgt. Pete Simpson said, “We do little to no marijuana enforcement and haven’t for many, many years.”

Mealy’s quaint, private home is typically booked throughout the entire summer. This is his third year in business. He puts a personal touch on his “Romancing the Stoned” rooms by being personable, friendly and offering treats to his guests throughout the day. It isn’t uncommon for John to offer marijuana brownies or pineapple upside down cake and other treats to his guests.

Many of the 420-friendly tourist rental options in Oregon don’t allow smoking in the rooms, but at John Mealy’s Arbor Lodge home, renters can consume anywhere and however they’d like.