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Alcoholics Can Find Treatment via Marijuana Use

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Heavy alcohol consumption causes physical and psychological side effects. Some research shows that marijuana may work to reduce cravings for alcohol and help relax the body with its sedative properties.

Daily drinking can have irreversible consequences on both the mind and body, according to Salon. Decades of heavy daily drinking may cause a physical dependence with life-threatening withdrawals if the alcoholic stops drinking abruptly. Binge drinking is also an issue, as evidence shows that an addict trying to just stop leads to binges lasting a few days.

To combat the side effects of alcoholism, many are turning to marijuana. About 50-percent of those entering treatment in the U.S. for alcoholism and addiction relapse within six months. This leads some doctors to prescribing powerful, addictive medications to combat the symptoms of alcohol withdrawal.

Using medical marijuana to treat alcoholism is a controversial topic. However, studies do prove that marijuana can help reduce cravings for alcohol.

Many alcoholics drink to relieve depression, PTSD, stress and/or anxiety. Studies have been conducted to show that using marijuana responsibly provides relief from these conditions and without the dangers that come with heavy drinking and/or prescription medications.