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Wildly Popular Adult Card Game Launches a Marijuana Version

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Cards Against Humanity, the popular adult card game, has partnered with the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP) to create a new “Weed Pack.” The new set includes 30 cards and can be purchased on the Cards Against Humanity website. The proceeds from sales of the Weed Pack are donated to the Marijuana Policy Project to help with marijuana legalization efforts in Illinois, where the card game maker is headquartered.

MPP received $70,000 in donations from Cards Against Humanity, according to NBC Chicago, who has also donated to multiple organizations including the Wikimedia Foundation, DonorsChoose and the Sunlight Foundation.

Jo Feldman, head writer for Cards Against Humanity, said, “We’re proud to support the Marijuana Policy Project because our current marijuana laws are failing. Nationally, there are more arrests for marijuana possession each year than for all violent crimes combined. The MPP has been at the forefront of changing marijuana laws for the better, in Illinois and nationwide.”

The card company isn’t afraid of drawing attention to itself. For instance, it recently tried to obtain Barack Obama as its new CEO, and mentions of it publishing the browser histories of all members of Congress have also circulated lately as a means of stopping a rollback of some net neutrality protections.

If you are interested in the “Weed Pack” and supporting marijuana legalization efforts, the pack costs just $5.

Photo: newsy .com