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Mexican Govt Buys CBD Oil from U.S. Company, Gives to Certain Citizens


Medical Marijuana, Inc. was the first publicly traded marijuana company in the U.S. And now, Mexico’s government has purchased some Real Scientific Hemp Oil (RSHO), a hemp-derived CBD oil that is produced by Medical Marijuana, Inc., to treat 11 patients with retractory epilepsy and Lennox Gastaut-Syndrome.

This purchase marks the first time the Mexican government has obtained CBD for its citizens, according to Business Insider. Governor Eruviel Avila gave the qualifying patients their first medications. Distribution took place at the opening of a new clinic.

Dr. Stuart Titus of Medical Marijuana, Inc. said, “We want to congratulate the State of Mexico’s government for this historic purchase of our RSHO CBD products to help improve the lives of its citizens. We are a company of firsts, including having the first and only federally legal CBD product in Mexico and we are excited about this new historic milestone of being the first company that the Government of Mexico has contracted to purchase and pay for cannabinoid CBD products to benefit its citizens.”

Dr. Titus also stated, “The plethora of benefits of cannabinoids (botanical as well as pharmaceutically developed) in treating multiple indications is now being researched and we are encouraged to see significant anecdotal evidence leading the way. Now, health care professionals and government health care agencies are becoming increasingly interested in how CBD hemp oil can help benefit many medical conditions, especially those conditions where conventional medicine has had modest effects.”

A recent study was conducted to see what the effects of the RSHO-X product would be for children with epilepsy. Dr. Saul Garza Morales reported that of the 29 patients in the study, 86-percent of them saw a significant reduction in motor seizures. For four months, 70-percent of the children in the study were seizure free.

Photo: hempmeds. com