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These THC-Infused Lollipops Also Grow Cannabis Plants

Half Lit

Half Lit edibles company has developed an organic and THC-infused candy lollipop that will also grow a cannabis plant when the lollipop sticks are planted and watered. Seeds are hidden within the sticks, and sprout like a normal cannabis plant when fed. Germination takes up to 11 days, according to Half Lit.

The vegetative states of the lollipop-started plants is between one and three months with a two to three month period required for the flowering stages, according to NY Daily News. Each lollipop contains 25mg of THC.

There are several flavors available including Lit Lemonade, Watermelon Wonderland, Pineapple Paradise, Lunar Lavendar, Calming Caramel, Acai Lit, and Hot Mama Mango. Currently, Half Lit’s products are only available in California.

The Half Lit website says, “Our name, a gentle nod to the moon above when half of its shape dares to light up the sky. Think of it as a half-moon.”

Photo: @gethalflit