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AirVape Xs Portable Vaporizer

AirVape Xs

The AirVape Xs from Apollo Vaporizers is the definition of a thin, compact, and lightweight portable herb vape that is capable of packing powerful vapor production.

This portable vape comfortably fits in your pocket. It also boasts a fairly rapid heat up time of 20 seconds or less, which is perfect for on-the-fly vaping. With a digital temperature display, the unit can be set to a precise temperature ranging from 200° to 428° F. This allows you to zero in on the best temperatures for your favorite strains.

The AirVape Xs is a sleek and discreet vaporizer with high-grade ceramic oven, hybrid conduction/convection system, and a glass mouthpiece, proving that good things come in small packages.

The AirVape Xs comes with a lifetime warranty!
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