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Medical Marijuana Sales to Begin at Pharmacies in Israel

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Israel’s medical marijuana sales are beginning, and strict regulations are in place to control abuse and the black market. Throughout the entire country, there are only eight approved cultivation farms. Licenses can be taken away from any production farm that endangers the safety of the general public.

Israeli doctors must provide patients with a medical marijuana prescription. There are a total of 36 approved doctors. With interest in medical marijuana for the treatment of severe illnesses gaining popularity in the country, wait lists are growing longer for appointments.

As The Times of Israel reports, pharmacies can carry medical marijuana in several forms including pre-rolled joints and oils. Edible marijuana, in cookie form, is also permitted. No dry flower is to be accessed in bulk at the pharmacy.

The program is expected to increase and more doctors will become certified and licensed to prescribe medical marijuana. Pharmacies must also hold special licensing and meet specific criteria to be permitted to dispense medical marijuana to approved patients. Some home deliveries of medical marijuana are allowed, providing that all regulations are followed for dispensing the medication.

Health Minister, Yaakov Litzman says, “We’re working to reorganize the field of medical cannabis in order to lighten the process for those who need it and, on the other hand, to make it harder for the material to trickle into the regular market. There is no reason to make things difficult for whoever really needs it, just because there’s someone who exploits it illegally.”

Licenses to cultivate marijuana will only be awarded to approved farms that wish to provide medicine to licensed pharmacies. No licenses will be granted for personal cultivation. Israel strictly monitors the sales of medical marijuana and intends to keep it out of the hands of recreational users.

Reform continues regarding medical marijuana in Israel. The Health Minister claims that he will continue to seek overseas sources to import medical marijuana from, and will eventually explore exporting to countries in the future.