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Marijuana Strain Descriptions Improve Dispensary Sales

Marijuana Strains


When dispensaries provide high-quality descriptions about marijuana strains it increases sales. This is because medical and recreational marijuana consumers learn more about strains’ effects and potency which makes them happier with their purchase; therefore, they consume the product quicker and purchase it more frequently.

Product Testing Panel

Product testers can provide a consistent review of each effect and other details, from the aroma to the length of the high.

Details worth highlighting:

  • Aroma
  • Flavor
  • Cognitive effects
  • Body effects
  • Side effects such as dry eyes or mouth
  • Duration of the high

Unique Descriptions

Information gathered from the testing panel can be used to create unique descriptions for strains. Consumers like to know what effects to expect and if a strain will work for a specific medical condition.

THC and CBD Testing

Consumers, whether medical or recreational, have different tolerances and desired levels of effects.

Providing such details about strains will increase sales and allow budtenders with the information needed to provide detailed descriptions to consumers.