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Source 10Cig Pro Vaporizer


The Source 10Cig Pro vaporizer by Source Vapes has the dual charm of being one of the most powerful and affordable wax pens on the market.

The 10Cig Pro features three heat settings, each optimized for the most popular waxes and vapor profiles. The coolest setting delivers small, flavorful hits. The medium setting produces moderately sized clouds. And the highest setting creates big, milky draws.

The 10Cig Pro also features a quartz single coil and the black ceramic single coil. Both wax atomizers are built with durable titanium and offer intensely flavored vaping experiences. The quartz single coil delivers milky, flavorful dabs with no added smokiness. The black ceramic coil is for low temp dabs. Waxy oils absorb into the black ceramic, which heats them slowly for full-flavored hits.

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