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Bob Marley’s Brand of Marijuana and Products in Stores Now

Marley Natural

Marley Natural, Bob Marley’s brand of marijuana strains and products, has raised some controversy upon launching because, initially, it will only be available in California, and not Jamaica. Medical marijuana patients in California show excitement to try the marijuana, while some residents in Jamaica are less than pleased. The ill feelings come from the Rastafarian culture which not receiving much funding from the global marijuana brand, according to reports from The Verge.

Marley Natural is available in four strains. Each strain is grown to produce specific effects.

Marley Natural strain types:

  • Marley Green
  • Marley Black
  • Marley Gold
  • Marley Red

The marijuana brand uses a pesticide-free grow process and also has a line of marijuana oils available. Signature accessories, such as pipes made from American black walnut wood, are also offered.

Marley Natural Spokesman, Zack Hutson, says, “We’re not only natural in how we source our products and how they’re made; it’s important for us to demonstrate to people that the herb can be a natural part of life, which was the way Bob viewed it. So that’s what we’re hoping to do really with this brand – help people understand the herb the way Bob did.”

For now, the brand will remain in California markets only. Marley Natural has said that they do plan to explore markets in other states in the near future. Bob Marley branded marijuana products began their creation in 2014. This is their first official product launch. The company plans to branch out into more product types, including hemp-based products, down the road to raise awareness of the multiple uses of the plant as a whole.

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