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World’s First Hemp Airplane Currently in Development

Hemp Airplane

A small, two-engine airplane prototype made mostly of hemp is in production. A Kickstarter campaign for the plane is set to begin on April 20, 2016, to help complete the prototype. The plane, dreamt up by Hempearth, is a four-seater and will have a flight speed of 210mph.

Sufficient testing has been conducted to compare the strength of hemp fiber to fiberglass. The results show that hemp fiber is as strong, if not stronger than fiberglass. The plans for this particular plane include a 36-foot wingspan and the aircraft will be constructed of at least 75-percent hemp. Hemp bio-fuel will be used instead of traditional fuel.

One of the key principals of this project is to display the versatility of the hemp plant. An airplane of this type is environmentally friendly and can change the future of flight. The project is also designed to raise awareness about “the importance of hemp to humanity,” according to information shared by Hempearth.

The maiden flight will be taking place in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.  Kitty Hawk is the location of the Wright Brothers’ maiden flight.

On Hempearth’s initial flight, live streaming to the entire world will be available from GoPros attached to the wings of the plane. Live broadcasting is not permitted from the location.

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