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Ice Cream Company Launches Cannabis Flavored Ice Cream

Cannabis Ice Cream

Vaniglia is an ice cream shop in Israel that recently added a new flavor to its menu: marijuana. The flavor has seen increasing interest because most people don’t know what marijuana itself really tastes like since it’s rarely consumed in raw form.

The ice cream does not contain any THC, but the plant’s terpenes are used, the Times of Israel reports, which provide marijuana’s unique flavor and aroma to the ice cream.

Itay Rogozinsky, founder of Vaniglia, said, “People don’t know what cannabis tastes like because people don’t eat marijuana. To create a cannabis-flavor for ice cream, I studied the marijuana plant and learned about its different terpenes and aromas. I then created an ice cream that, in my opinion, tastes like the aroma of cannabis.”

Terpenes make up the base flavor but other herbs and nuts are used to complete the flavor profile. The goal of this flavor creation is to simply provide the experience of tasting marijuana without getting high.

“I don’t like gimmicks,” said Rogozinsky. “My goal was to create an ice cream that tasted like the aroma of cannabis. I sourced natural ingredients and created a number of blended profiles. …I’m very proud of the product.”

So far, the flavor seems to be a big hit.