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Uruguay Pharmacies to Begin Selling Marijuana by Mid-2016

Uruguay Marijuana

Uruguay passed laws to legalize the sale and purchase of marijuana in 2013, under the presidency of Jose Mujica. Two fields, owned by government authorized companies, are prepared for marijuana cultivation. Pharmacies should have marijuana ready for sale by mid-2016, according to Fox News Latino.

Uruguay requires all consumers, recreational sellers, and pharmacies to be listed in a national registry. The price per gram in the country will average about $1.20, according to projections.

The two companies authorized to grow marijuana are Simbiosys and ICCorp. Each company is permitted to grow up to two tons of recreational marijuana annually.

Uruguay marijuana regulations include:

  • 10 grams per week purchasing limit
  • 40 grams per month purchasing limit
  • Pharmacies permitted to keep 30-percent of profits
  • IRCCA (Cannabis Regulation and Control Institute) gets a portion of each company’s profits

Both companies reported to have taken one week to prepare their designated fields for marijuana cultivation. The fields are located in San Jose, Uruguay.