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Major Changes Ahead for Medical Marijuana in Israel

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The Israeli Health Ministry has approved a medical marijuana reform bill that expands access to marijuana across the nation. The expansion adds 150 doctors to the approved prescriber list and increases the nation’s medical marijuana output.

More pharmacies will also be able to fill prescriptions, Haaretz reports. Most of those pharmacies are expected to be operated by Super-Pharm.

The country currently allows only 8 companies to cultivate marijuana. When the new law goes into effect, more companies will be able to apply for appropriate licensing to cultivate and supply medical marijuana to the approved pharmacies.

The concentrations of THC and CBD will have to be disclosed as these numbers will determine the classification for the medicine. The concentration classification will act similar to a “branding” mechanism for medical marijuana. This will also help the cultivators to be competitive in their pricing.

The new law also makes it easier for patients to become approved. They will be able to go to an authorized doctor and take the prescription to the pharmacy. The other option is to visit any physician and receive a recommendation to be sent to the health ministry for a decision.

The health ministry has promised to step in if companies start raising prices. The government wants to make sure that patients that need medical marijuana are able to afford it.  The new law takes effect in March 2019.