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The Top 8 Marijuana Strains for the Holidays

Holiday Cannabis Strains

The holiday season can be exhausting with all the trips to visit friends and family. But if you have the right marijuana strain, it can make your holidays much better.

Look for these strains at your local dispensaries:

  • 3 Kings – The holy trinity of marijuana strains. Unique hybrid great for afternoon and evening use.
  • Sugar Plum Fairy – May also be listed as Sugar Plum. It’s an energizing sativa. Not for novice users
  • Christmas Tree – Heavy indica to help you unwind from a stressful day
  • Permafrost – Energizing hybrid
  • Hawaiian Snow – Mood uplifting, strong sativa. Potent.
  • Jesus – Not to be confused with Jesus OG. Unique hybrid. Promotes focus and uplifting the mind.
  • Santa Maria – Energizing sativa. Long-lasting effects. Sometimes is called Planck.
  • Tree of Life – Calming hybrid with euphoric effects. Great for creativity and lifting mood.

Pre-order from dispensaries, if possible, because these strains can sell out fast!