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European Parliament Is Improving Access to Medical Cannabis in EU

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A couple weeks ago, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommended the rescheduling of cannabis in international drug treaties. Now, the European Parliament has followed suit by voting to assist the advancement of medical cannabis within the European Union (EU). The resolution is non-binding but will act as incentive to EU countries for increasing access to cannabis.

The support for cannabis legalization is increasing worldwide, Forbes notes.

 “The EU Parliament is just the latest voice to recognize the medical value of cannabis and the benefits of regulation over prohibition, said writer Tom Angell. “I’m hopeful that the growing chorus in favor of reform will spur action by nations to change their policies and improve access for patients who need this medicine.”

It’s expected that the EU will support cannabis research as well as determining standards for the non-medicinal use of cannabis. For now, the EU says that the Commission should analyze financial, regulatory and cultural barriers that exist regarding scientific research on marijuana and its healing potential.

“This will help facilitate and expedite the well required safety and efficacy studies on cannabinoid solutions beyond the initial markets such as Canada and Israel,” said Aras Azadian of Avicanna. “There is an ongoing concern of the toxic and inefficacious products being offered as medicine that will be limited with the entrance of qualified studies.”

CannaImpact’s Oren Todoros said, “Governments…can no longer turn their heads to the opportunity it (cannabis) delivers.”