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Blue Dream is #1 Selling Strain in Colorado and Washington

Blue Dream Marijuana Strain

In Washington, Blue Dream sales were nearly two times more than the #2 selling strain, Cherry OG, while, in Colorado, statistics show that Blue Dream sales were about 1.25 times higher than #2 selling Durban Poison, throughout much of 2015.

BDS Analytics takes information from both medical and recreational marijuana sales to compile a list of the most successful strains sold by dispensaries that choose to participate with BDS Analytics. Over 20 million transactions were included in the analysis. According to BDS Analytics’s founder Roy Bingham, good marketing is part of Blue Dream’s high sales numbers.

Bingham says, “We have literally thousands of strains in our database, and Blue Dream is #1 in both Washington and Colorado. There’s clearly marketing around individual strains, and budtenders point consumers in the direction of a particular product. I imagine that soon there will be less opinion, and more science, around that,” Civilized reports.

Bingham calls the market volatile and immature due to the emergence of new products and brands in the industry. Branding is becoming more popular in Colorado. It is in an effort to make the experience at a dispensary more like going to a local corner store that people are familiar with.

Bingham believes “This is a very immature market and still very volatile: new products and brands emerge very quickly as people try new marketing campaigns and marketing structures. So there’s a lot of significant change, but it’s hard to say what that will be.”

Blue Dream is a very popular hybrid marijuana strain that is made from crossing Haze and Blueberry strains. Because of it’s popularity it is commonly sold at dispensaries. It is a good daytime option to treat discomfort, depression and nausea, and typically has a high THC percentage, which helps provide a lot of relief from chronic pain.