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Indonesia Might Force-Feed Dealers to Death with Own Drugs

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Indonesia has faced an internal drug war for decades. Strict punishments for drug dealers are already in place, but that has not stopped them from dealing or smuggling drugs, including marijuana, into the country.  The Indonesian government, according to Metro, is getting creative by considering force-feeding drug dealers their own drugs.

What makes this a cruel punishment, is that it has a fatal consequence. The drug dealers would be forced to ingest their own product until they die. The prisons holding these offenders would be secured by piranhas, crocodiles and tigers.

Illicit drugs kill at least 33 Indonesians a day. The government’s new considerations for punishment do face some opposition. Some believe that the government is not making a clear, distinct separation between those that are simply drug addicts and those that are really dealers.

One police chief, Hendro Pandowo says, “We have to fight this war on drugs everywhere. They have to be cleaned off the streets of Jakarta and eradicated throughout Indonesia.”

While the force-feeding punishment has not been brought to fruition yet, it is being strongly considered. Increased raids and arrests are making only a small dent in the drug trafficking problem in Indonesia, so harsher penalties, including fatal punishments, are now being considered.