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Michael J. Fox’s Foundation Supports Rescheduling Cannabis

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Actor Michael J. Fox’s Parkinson’s disease foundation, The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research (MJFF), is supporting the rescheduling of cannabis to lift the barriers for medical professionals to research the health benefits of cannabis.

“The MJFF supports increased access to cannabis for medical research,” says the MJFF website. “Congress has begun to recognize this need, and there are several bills in the U.S. House and Senate designed to remove barriers that impede safe and legal access to cannabis by medical researchers. The MJFF public policy team is tracking these bills and working to educate members of Congress and their staff on their importance to the Parkinson’s community.”

The MJFF believes that more research into marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) could lead to treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

The MJFF wrote in a letter to Senator Dick Durbin that they “advocate on behalf of the PD community, and are committed to exploring new treatment options for those living with the disease. This includes a desire to conduct research on cannabis to determine its potential therapeutic use. At this time, there has not been enough research done on medical cannabis to determine whether it is an effective treatment option. Eliminating barriers to research invites scientists to determine if medical cannabis may or may not safely and effectively help patients manage the symptoms associated with PD.”