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This Next Big Health Craze Involves Cannabis

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Most people wouldn’t pair cannabis and exercise. But, new data from BDS Analytics reveals that marijuana can be a terrific pre- and post-workout supplement as well as a lifestyle product for the health-conscious.

BDS’s report counters the “lazy stoner” stereotype and uncovers that cannabis is the newest fitness and lifestyle enhancer.

The data found that:

  • Cannabis Consumers are health-conscious:Roughly four in 10 watch what they eat for health reasons (38%), and highly prioritize their personal health/wellness (43%).
  • Cannabis is viewed as a healthier alternative: More than six in 10 Consumers believe marijuana is healthier than alcohol, vs. one-third of Acceptors and one-tenth of Rejectors.
  • Cannabis Consumers are active:50% say that physical activity plays an important role in their personal care, and 58% engage in physical activity on at least a weekly basis – a significantly greater percentage than non-Consumers.
  • Daily Consumers, Younger Consumers are more likely than average to incorporate cannabis into their workouts: One-quarter of Consumers who use cannabis daily say that they frequently pair cannabis with exercise. Similarly, 22% of Gen Z/Millennial Consumers (age 21+) say they frequently pair cannabis with exercise – which is roughly equal to the percentage who frequently pair cannabis with alcohol.
  • Inhalables products are the overall preferred consumption method (69%) among Consumers who frequently pair cannabis with exercise, while close to one-quarter say they prefer Edibles.