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Grateful Dead Band Member’s New Hash-infused Prerolls

Grateful Dead

Three-time GRAMMY® winner Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart is expanding his cannabis brand Mind Your Head with the launch of Space Ticket, a 1-gram hash-infused preroll. Space Ticket is inspired by the transformation and enlightenment that fans experience at Grateful Dead’s live shows.

“When we listen to music, we deepen the spiritual connection with ourselves and those around us,” said Hart. “Concerts are where people come together to dance and share experiences. The Space Ticket pre-roll is designed to elevate consciousness above ordinary levels in our collective exploration of the most powerful grooves on the planet.”

Mind Your Head Space Ticket is a potent 1-gram hemp leaf wrapped preroll featuring Indica-leaning strains Trinity Star and D.O.G. Chem and is infused with an aromatic, artisanal ice-water hash. In keeping with Hart’s passion for the environment, Space Ticket prerolls are sold in Sana Packaging’s completely reclaimed ocean plastic which is 100% HDPE and recyclable.

Currently, Space Ticket is only available at select Bay Area dispensaries but, hopefully, will expand to other states in the coming months.

Photo: BusinessWire