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New Las Vegas Dispensaries Help to Boost Marijuana Industry

Vegas Dispensary

Nevada’s medical marijuana program had started sluggishly because of limited dispensary locations. But now there are 19 Nevada dispensaries in operation – most of which are in Las Vegas – that serve roughly 15,000 Nevada medical marijuana patients as well as thousands of visiting medical marijuana patients.

One of the major benefits of Nevada’s medical marijuana program is that Nevada dispensaries can serve out-of-state patients. Medical marijuana patients from other states can visit any Nevada dispensary and obtain marijuana for their visit. It is important to know that out-of-state patients must keep their authorization for use forms with their medication at all times.

The Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Association conducts tours on a monthly basis of several of the marijuana businesses, says Las Vegas Now. The president of the association, John Laub says, “We have the safest product, we have the best doctors involved, so it really is medicine in Nevada, and we’re doing it right.”

Appothecary Shoppe concierge, Cristina Alfonso-Zea said, “I think as more people become familiar with it, and understand that it’s medicine, and not really much of a street drug, especially now that we have it this way – I think it’s going to be easier now.”

The Nevada medical marijuana program has worked diligently to make changes to the program to prevent future permitting issues and supply shortages. Another positive change is the availability of 26 licensed cultivation facilities.

Deep Roots Harvest cultivator, Brian Delight says, “We’re using two-thirds of the facility right now. We have the ability to expand to another 40,000 square feet.”

Nevada’s dispensaries each have their own vibe and design. Most are designed with modern inclusions. A Las Vegas dispensary employee, Ben Sillitoe, said, “We display our strains on the wall with information like art.”